Bradford University Real Ale and Cider Society

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Daniel Horsman - President

Daniel is a local lad, hailing from Leeds. Despite breaking his ankle last year he attended all of BURAC's events.

As an engineer his aim in life is to work in a brewery.

Alistair Proudman - Master of the Coin

Being part Scottish, Alistair has booze in his blood and a liver to match. After having run the society single-handedly from 2012-13 after the rest of the exec seemed to vanish he served as president. Now he is treasurer

Alistair is a keen home brewer, and regularly creates a  wide range of interesting concoctions including a rather potent Mango Cider!

Jason Smith - Secretary

Another Yorkshireman, Jason is originally from Sheffield.

In his spare time he partakes in WWII and Napoleonic re-enactment and one of his favourite tipples is, understandably, Wells' Bombardier!

Ron Bodger - Duties Officer

Ron is a highly qualified member of our team. What he actually does, no-one really knows, but we'd be a hell of a lot worse off if he wasn't there to keep us in check...

You can find a record of Ron's adventures with BURACS here

Ron is currently on a sabbatical, touring the pubs and bars of the country.