Bradford University Real Ale and Cider Society

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The (Debatably Accurate) History of BURACS

BURACS was founded in 2002 at the beginning of the Real Ale Revolution, under the guise of BURAS (Bradford University Real Ale Society) to fill the need for a Real Ale appreciation group on campus. The crusade had begun and from thereon in this small band of slightly sozzled warriors helped to spread the joys of out native brew across the student population of the University of Bradford!

In 2010, BURAS added the much prized C to it's name, forever intertwining it's fate with that fruity nectar of the gods known as Cider (although Perry's also come under that umbrella).

Over the years we've had members joining us who hail from all across the world

As the Old song goes:

So Englishmen, your Home-brewed
Defend with hearts and hand
Though Pump and Vine, in force combine
To drive us from our land
If bright Bordeaux and Burgundy
Our ancient foes inspired
It was draughts of good October brewed
Our Conquering fathers fired!

To Jolly English Beer

So sparkling, mellow and clear
No wine compares

Though never so rare

as Jolly English Beer

If you have any more information about the history of BURACS, photographs of the society or any interesting stories about past years, please let us know.